Submit a Grant (subrecipient) Application
Use the grants management system portal:


  1. Make a profile

  2. Add an application

  3. Fill out, save, and then submit an application

    • Use templates locally or on your servers to make complete application attachments before submittal (budget, budget narrative, etc.)


The templates below provide guidance/instructions on content and format for each piece of the applications.  Please complete each portion in the template and delete the guidance/instructions.

Please use these exact templates.  Having the same format and completed content sections reduces management costs.

Project Narrative
Milestone Information
Budget Narrative
Budget spreadsheet
Leveraged Funding Form
Metrics Information
Observational Data Plan
Data Management Plan
Environmental Compliance
Example application

The application materials in the following list are from Pasco County's project 15-5: Hudson Reef.  These can be reviewed to better understand the level of detail required in application materials:

Abstract - Pasco County: 15-5, implementation
Project Narrative - Pasco County: 15-5, implementation
Budget Narrative - Pasco County: 15-5, implementation
Budget Spreadsheet - Pasco County: 15-5, implementation
Milestones - Pasco County: 15-5, implementation
Metrics - Pasco County: 15-5, implementation
Environmental Compliance - Pasco County: 15-5, implementation
Data Management Plan - Pasco County: 15-5, implementation
Observation Data Plan - Pasco County: 15-5, implementation


Guidance Documents


The templates above provide the application-specific instructions/guidance needed.  Those instructions are compiled along with additional information in the Grant Application Guidance Document below.

Draft SEP Project Grant Application Guidance Document
Grant Application Checklist
Frequently Asked Questions
Data Management Plan Guidance with examples - from RESTORE Council
Observation Data Plan Guidance with examples - from RESTORE Council
Metrics Choices Table - from RESTORE Council
Metrics suggestions and new metrics – from RESTORE Council – please note these are subject to final Council approval.
BAS Review Questions - 1/31/2019 - from RESTORE Council
Acquisition Documentation Requirements

The following 2 documents describe RESTORE Councils required documentation for acquisition projects and the complete UASFLA (yellow book) appraisal standards:

Real Property Acquisition and Improvement Documentation
Sample language on Federal Interest to be included as part of the acquisition
Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions (UASFLA) - 2016
SEP Project Data Dashboard
SEP Project Implementation info - 6/18/2020
SEP Project Implementation info - 5/4/2020
SEP Project Implementation - RESTORE meeting - 11/20/2019
SEP Project Implementation - RESTORE meeting - 6/13/2019
Video - SEP Project Implementation info - 4/3/2019
SEP Project Implementation info - 3/28/2019
SEP Project Applications update - 2/27/2019
SEP Project Implementation info - 1/31/2019
Best Available Science and metrics and ODP - 1/31/2019 - from RESTORE Council
Best Available Science and DMP and ODP training slides - from RESTORE Council
Gulf Consortium - SEP Implementation - DMP and ODP - 12/19/2018
Gulf Consortium - SEP Projects - Grant Application Guidance and Timelines - 12/3/2018
Example ODPs and DMPs
From Escambia County (Pot 2 projects) - please follow format of Pot 3 ODP and DMP templates above
ODP Bayou Chico: planning
ODP Beach Haven: construction
ODP Estuary Program
DMP Bayou Chico: planning
DMP Beach Haven: construction
DMP Estuary Program
Example Semi-Annual Report and Payment Request
These forms will be filled out in the grant management portal.  Word doc forms are linked below to show the type of information that will be collected.
Financial Reporting Narrative Supplement
Performance Reporting form - TBD (pending updated RESTORE form)
Payment request form